I believe in your ability to build the life you

Meet Jill

Jill is a sought-after coach, speaker and author who coaches women and men to break free from trapped, unfulfilled lives – whether they want expansion in sport, business, relationships, or in their world of finances.  Jill’s personal journey combined with her advanced education has proven how conscious awareness combined with adventure, nature and insight leads to profound life expansion.

Clients who have hired Jill have:

  • Established a meaningful and purpose-driven career
  • Built their dream business
  • Improved their financial freedom
  • Developed meaningful relationships
  • Achieved athletic goals such as Ironman or climbing a 14,000-foot mountain peak
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreased anxiety including panic attacks
  • Enhanced sleep patterns and established inner peace
  • "Jill takes the time to listen, ask questions, help you come to a solution and then map out a plan of action to reach your goals."

    Tina Jones
    Executive Director
    Girls on the Run Southeastern WI

What sets Jill apart from other coaches is her unique approach motivated by her athletic, psychological and spiritual background.  A strong believer in the necessity to build a healthy physical foundation, clear mental focus, balanced emotional system and an internal spiritual peace Jill coaches her clients to achieve their sweet spot – the place where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual synergistically connect.

Jill empowers her clients to take ownership of their process, educating and motivating them with proven coaching techniques, which leads to meaningful and sustainable life change.  She helps them understand that they are the drivers of their lives and helps them to see how the thoughts they think, the emotions they feel, and the actions they take create their behavior, character and ultimately their life fulfillment. 

Developing mindfulness curriculum and teaching students while on academic staff at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for more than 20 years, Jill has found tremendous joy and passion for educating young adults.   She has two master’s degrees in counseling psychology and over 30 years of coaching experience.

  • "I appreciate Jill's classes because she teaches us important life skills -  how to be healthy, focused, motivated, happy and she does this with a  caring and engaging style.  She inspires me to be more."

    MaryJo Perez
    UWM Student

As a speaker Jill’s message is powerful and unique.  Her presentation skills are integrative and engaging.  To simply talk AT the audience is not enough.  Jill wants her attendees to interact, get involved and absorb the information so that true change can be achieved.  Jill has completed speaking engagements at companies such as GE Electric, Berkshire Hathaway, Girls on the Run International, American Family Insurance Dream Bank and more.

  • "Jill always arrives prepared, knows how to motivate
    and produces positive results."
    Scott Stauske
    Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Her energy and enthusiasm during private coaching, while teaching a group, or presenting on stage are reflections of her everlasting, adventurous spirit in life.  She has completed five Ironman triathlons;

downhill skied throughout the US (even schussing in Switzerland); hiked the rainforest and Inca Trail of Peru; coached more than 1000 people to cross the finish line of endurance races; founded fundraising events for organizations such as  myTeam Triumph and vows to live an expansive life through adventure, awareness, connection and joy.