Compilation Of Ironman

Stories and Music

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Whether you are seasoned Ironman athlete or are new to the sport, this podcast will inspire, inform and get you laughing about this “little 140.6” challenge.

Stories told by athletes, just like you,  you are sure to relate to at least one of these stories and get jazzed up by the songs.  Contributing athletes include original Ironman Dave Orlowski; myTeam Triumph Executive Director, Christian Jensen; Coach Amy Friese; Nutrition Coach Susan McNamee and many more.


Jill Sommers IM

About the Coach

Jill Sommers, a 5-time Ironman finisher, is a coach, author, and motivational speaker who helps exceptional people achieve outrageous success.  She has devoted nearly three decades to studying movement, psychology, triathlon, coaching and personal transformation.

Jill offers performance coaching including mental skills training for athletes and private coaching for the individual ready to reach their next level of achievement in life. 

      "The magic happens outside your comfort zone."