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It’s Over, Now What?

Red Arrow10 Easy Steps to Winning Your Race Recovery

Is Post Race Depression Real?
How Can I Win My Recovery?
What is the Secret Success Fuel?
Jill Sommers IM

About the Author

Jill Sommers, a 5-time Ironman finisher, is a coach, author, and motivational speaker who helps exceptional people achieve outrageous success.  She has devoted nearly three decades to studying movement, psychology, triathlon, coaching and personal transformation.

In addition to working with children, teens and adults as a Performance Coach, Jill has worked with more than 2500 young adults over the past 22 years at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where she teaches mindfulness classes.

She has a unique educational background with a BS in Exercise Science, MA in Spiritual Psychology, MA in Counseling Psychology and is a USAT Level 2 Triathlon Coach.  Her passion is to combine elements from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, coaching her clients to the strongest and truest versions of themselves.

With 25 years’ experience as a coach Jill promises to bring you valuable information steeped in science, practicality and vision to help you reach your next life or athletic goal.

Her deepest passion is drawing conclusions from challenging endeavors, such as completing an Ironman race, and bridging them to the challenges of everyday living.  The athletic field and the field of life are not so very much different.

Jill offers Ironman coaching programs, mental skills training for athletes, group training, online webinars and motivational speaking. Originally from Madison, WI and now residing in Milwaukee, WI she has an extra deep affinity to coaching athletes for Ironman WI.

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It’s Over, Now What?