WARNING:  Ignoring your mental game could ruin your race day!

IRONMAN WI 2017 Mental Mastery 

August 18 – September 17, 2017 

Online + In Person Program

 “90% of Ironman is mental.  The other 50% is physical. 

You must win it in the mind before you can win it in the body.”

Hey I See You…

…I hear you.

I was you and I’m here for you now because I know what it’s like to feel the anxiety of doing IM WI.

The intense training schedule.

The sacrifices.

The time away from family.

The financial investment.

The injuries.

All of this and NOW race prep and race day ANXIETY.

What I’ve learned over the past 17 years, both training myself and coaching great athletes like you, is simple: IM WI is won in your mind.

Race anxiety is what leads to poor performance or a DNF – even more than the lack of physical preparation. I know you don’t want to be the athlete who loses his/her day to a ruined swim, an anxiety provoked bike crash or a poor run just because of an overactive nervous system.

That’s why I created the “IM Mental Mastery Program”.  It will coach you how to specifically manage your stress levels, fuel your thoughts for race day success and empower you for your best race day ever. 


IM Mental Mastery Is for You If…

  • You are a man or woman competing in IMWI 2017
  • You are a first timer
  • You are a seasoned IM athlete ready to dial in your mental game
  • You have NO idea what it means to “dial in your mental game”
  • You want to perform your best at IMWI, 2017
  • You are already having serious race day “scaries”
  • You have open water swim anxiety
  • You want to gain race tips from a skilled professional who has coached hundreds of athletes
  • You want to know how to master those dark spots during your race
  • You’re worried about adding ‘one more thing to your schedule’ but you also secretly know without it, you won’t perform anywhere near your potential
  • You want to learn the secret sauce from an experienced IM coach who knows how to race the IMWI course

“Focusing on the mental preparation and motivation were truly the parts that made the difference in my 2016 experience at IMWI. I’ve never felt so prepared, so relaxed and so excited for an event in my life.”    ~Doug Weas, IMWI Finisher 2016

IM Mental Mastery Will…

  • Build your race day confidence so you can conquer your race day fears
  • Teach you how to transform your anxiety into peak performance
  • Teach you tools used by Olympic and professional endurance athletes which decrease negative thought patterns and increase physical performance (yes really, it’s ALL about the mental game)
  • Teach you, step-by-step, how to build your mental and physical race day roadmap for a kick ass day
  • Help you master your race week taper “crazies”
  • Coach you through the steps efficiently, respecting your crunch on time and energy

“Before working with Jill I felt overwhelmed and exhausted from training and questioning if ‘I had what it took’ to become an Ironman. Jill offered amazing insights, taught me mental skills, and provided resources to tap into my own inner strength.”   ~Stacey Schultz, IMWI Finisher 2013

IM Mental Mastery Includes…

  • 2 Live, Online Classes teaching you how to elevate your race day without elevating your anxiety (value $300)
  • Recordings of both classes so you can listen to them over and over again (value $200)
  • In-Person, Pre-Race Inspiration Group session in Madison, to ease pre-race anxiety, review your plan and learn race day secret tips;  Saturday 9/9 (value $200)
  • Private FaceBook Group dedicated for continual support, coach Q and A, motivation, TNT’s (Tips and Techniques) and athlete camaraderie (value $priceless)
  • IM Mental Mastery Guide – resources to easily and sequentially build your mental and physical race day roadmap (value $100)
  • Post-Race Support so you can share your stories, ask race questions and discuss ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’


Due to the mental skills I learned from Jill, I was able to retain my focus and confidence throughout the entire swim.  I set a new personal record. Based on all the issues I had to deal with during the race, I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have been able to complete the swim. Jill is fantastic to work with, and as a fellow Ironman triathlete, she totally gets what we go through.  ~Steve Skinner, IMWI 2016 Finisher


Program Dates:  August 21 – September 17, 2017

FB Group Opens:Monday, 8/218:00 am
Class #1 – Live Online:Monday, 8/287:00-8:15 PM
Class #2 – Live Online:Monday, 9/47:00-8:15 PM
Class #3 – In Person:Saturday, 9/91:00-2:00 PM
Post-Race Support Until:Sunday, 9/178:00 PM


 IM Mental Mastery Investment: $97

  • VIP Access:  Register early and receive immediate access to the private FaceBook Group which will have tips and techniques you can use immediately.  Begin your mental prep even BEFORE the first class launches.
  • Top Ten Only:  First 10 registrants receive a ‘Power Play’ Pre-Race Private Coaching Session (value $100).



Completing an Ironman is challenging.  There’s just no sugar coating it.

The training, the sacrifice, the injuries, the time commitment.  I know this.  I have been there myself 5 times. 

But I also know how rewarding the finish line is and how the race is entirely ‘won’ in your mind.

I have experienced the pains of poor (or no) mental training which led to swim anxiety, low confidence and an over-active nervous system leading to gut issues and poor performance.

I have also experienced amazing results (without extra physical training) from simple, purposeful mental preparation.

That is why I have developed this program for you. I want you to avoid the mistakes I, and others, have made.  I want you to experience the benefits of preparing your mental game and reaping the reward of a race day performance you secretly dream about. 

Completing the IM Mental Mastery program is so simple and effective you will wish you had been using the techniques all season long. 

If you are ready to reap the reward of a lifetime then click below and register now to get your program started.