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Introduction to Move2Live


My number 1 passion is to help active people make the connection between what they have learned in sport with what they can accomplish in life whether that is to live a life of greater freedom, more stability, more joy, more adventure, greater physical health, or to improve your relationships. All of these fuel your joy tank and let’s be honest, we need more people who will take responsibility to fuel their joy tanks in this world.

Let’s face it. We all get stuck. We all run into roadblocks throughout life. We get tired. We get bombarded with old thinking patterns that no longer serve us. We also have dreams and goals we want to accomplish in our lives and when we stop going for those dreams we experience pain, anger, depression, stuckness, hopelessness, injury, illness all masking a long slow death.

Wayne Dyer says “never die with your song still inside you.” When your soul stops growing you start dying.

My dedication to you is to help you live LOUDER than you have been in the past. To MOVE you to LIVE and LIVE to MOVE.

Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

One thing that makes this podcast especially fun is that I am using 3 different formats which provides a variety of information and delivery styles.

The ‘river that runs through it’ (as they say) or the common thread is content regarding all things that MOVE your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fuel to help you live a healthy out-loud life.

This podcast will be delivered in three different formats:

1. Interviews: Interviews will be conducted with professionals in many different veins of work – nutrition, physical training, bodyworkers, psychologists, authors, moms and dads, college students, athletes, every day people who can share their insights on subjects designed to educate and motivate you.

II. Snippets of inspiration, information and motivation from yours truly. These pieces are designed to get you thinking, make you curious AND empower you to live more consciously. I will be sharing life lessons that include mistakes I’ve made, joys I have experienced, mindset shifts and many more strait from the hip insights. Here I will also include though-provoking questions and challenges you can try on for yourself.

III. Playlist of inspirational snippets with energy-raising music. This one REALLY fires me up (because it’s been in my head for at least 5 years). This is designed specifically to give you an energy boost while you are running, working out, cleaning the house or for when you simply need to fuel up your day.

Don’t forget to add your name and email on the right side of the page so you are notified when there is a new podcast.

Thank you for checking out Move2Live podcast. Keep moving to live and living to move and remember to inspire somebody today.


Rudy's Road to Kona Series

Ruth Payne (Rudy) began her triathlon journey with a sprint distance race in 2006.

Ten years later she qualified for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and she will be embarking upon her dream race on October 14, 2017.


There are incredible people all around us.  Enjoy these interviews with people who make our lives better by sharing their passion and zest for life.  


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