Inspirational Playlist: Empowering the SHE!

Inspirational Playlist: Empowering the SHE!

I love inspirational, motivational messages that help me think more clearly and inspire me to think deeper. I also I love music that does the same.

It makes total sense to me to combine the two – music AND inspirational messages.

Music has the power to elevate us to a higher place, helping us become receptive, energized and motivated. It’s only when we are in that higher place (some call this vibration, some call it energy, some call it being in an open mind) that our brains are receptive to new thoughts and ideas which then lead to new behaviors.

Wayne Dyer says “never die with your song still inside you.” When your soul stops growing you start dying.

This playlist of inspirational snippets along with energy-raising music is designed to help you hear that song inside you, turn up the volume and LIVE OUT LOUD.

My suggestion: listen to this when you want to fuel up your attitude or when you need an energy boost. Listen to this while running, working out, working hard on that promotion, or cleaning the house. Your toilets will never shine so bright and your boss will never know what hit her.

This playlist is dedicated to Empowering the SHE! Our focus this month is honoring the feminine within each of us, and yes, that means you guys too. The feminine is a freakin’ cool energy that is loving, kind, intuitive, supportive, nurturing, creative and it’s also about being BADASS!

Songs included in this podcast:

Demi Levato – Confident

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

Lindsey Stirling – Transcendence

Sia – The Greatest

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Sister Sledge – We Are Family