Interview: Dad Insights from 86 Year Old John Erickson

It’s the month of Empowering the HE! And as we celebrate Father’s Day this month we honor men in all their roles as fathers, brothers, spouses, leaders and followers.

John Erickson is 86 years old, a father of 4 + 3 more in his blended family and has 14 grandchildren collectively. John’s vigor for life has kept him healthy, agile and energetic – still pushing the lawn mower up the hill, gardening, boating and fixing everything around the house (and the neighbor’s homes).

Being a child growing up during the depression a unique passion was developed out of the need to be independent, strong, and resilient. John is a self-declared “fixer”. He LOVES to fix things and help others who need things fixed (which I love because I hate fixing things).

When asked where he got the passion to help others, John states that a natural result of growing up during the depression was being a part of a strong community. People came together to support and help one another as needed.

The eventual owner of a successful car dealership John worked his way up the ranks after graduating from the University of WI, Madison. Listen to what he learned along the way; how he fueled his love for working on the land; and what he would say to his father if he could be with John today.

As a father of adult children, John shares his insights on parenting – when to step in, when to step out and when to bite his tongue, allowing each to make their own mistakes and pave their own way in life.

John has a powerful message for his 50 year old self (36 years his junior). Listen to hear his answer.

This is a beautiful juxtaposition to the previous interview with DG who shares his insights as a NEW father.


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