Interview with Original Ironman Dave Orlowski

Interview with Original Ironman Dave Orlowski

In 1978 a discussion emerged between a swimmer, a biker, and a runner. “Who is the best athlete?”; was the topic. This turned into the onset of the very first Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii. This interview is with one of the original Iron Man (two words back then) dudes, Dave Orlowski.

Fifteen men started the race that day and 12 finished. Wearing cut off jean shorts and borrowing a bike, Dave mustered up the energy and mental fortitude to finish the race that day fueled on McDonald’s, Coke and French fries.

Dave discusses a moving experience he had with his father during the race that day and how the overall Ironman experience has changed his life.

In 2008 Ironman invited Dave and the other men to participate in the 30 th Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI. Dave grabbed hold of the challenge, dusted off the jean shorts (no, just kidding) and started his training. With the advancements of equipment, nutrition and the availability of coaches Dave had a lot more going for him but as he will admit – there is NEVER anything easy about completing an Ironman.

To this day, Dave has completed 29 Ironman races all over the world. He now regularly speaks at events and Ironman races, sharing his story of the first ever Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii. Dave has sage advice for first time Ironman athletes and veteran athletes alike along with great mental skills techniques he uses to get through his big climbs.

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