Memory of Margaret Steinam

Honoring 94-year- old Margaret Steinam with Peggy Kirkeeng

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”
I was first introduced to Margaret Steinam when she was 84 years old. She inquired about training with our group of ladies for a triathlon that summer. She took me by storm when she announced she had completed at least one triathlon every year since her first at the age of 60.

An avid tennis player, canoer, hiker, violin player, mother and retired physician, Margaret was unlike any woman I had ever met.

She was smart, funny, resilient, kind, brave, inspiring and was NOT going to let “84” limit her from living out loud.

Something magical happened that summer. A beautiful admiration grew between she and two other women on the triathlon team which continued until Margaret passed away in November 2017.

Enjoy this interview with Peggy Kirkeeng (one of the two ladies mentioned above) where she and Jill share stories and memories of the beautiful and brave life Margaret lived.

Song: Lean on Me – Bonnie Tylelr