Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Kona Celebration

Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Kona Celebration

Congratulations to Rudy! She did it. Rudy – YOU ARE AN IRONMAN (again).

Being a part of her journey through Ironman World-Championship has been an exciting high.

One of the toughest endurance challenges in the world, Rudy brought us into her experience, so we could feel it firsthand.

What is it like to qualify for Kona and then arrive on the big island with the best of the best in the world? Rudy talks with us about the feelings she had while side by side with age-groupers and pros in the beautiful tropics of Kona, Hawaii.

You, the listeners asked us great questions about Rudy’s experience and Rudy gives you the straight answers. She talks about the presence of her mother’s spirit; the collective support she received from her 20+ friends and family who traveled to Kona to be there with her; her experience going to the “Comfort Zone” (or the Energy Lab) and back; swimming with the fish and turtles; which mantras she used and which song she has chosen to signify this empowering adventure.

Hmmmmmm……..did Rudy get the iconic Ironman tattoo which she discussed in the previous podcast? Listen to find out.

As this concludes Rudy’s Road to Kona series Rudy discusses what her next series might be called – “Rudy’s Road”. I like it.

Thank you for listening and being a part of Rudy’s collective support team and thank you Rudy for sharing your dream journey with us all.

Song: Her Mercy – Glen Hassert