Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Part 6

Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Part 6:

In part 6 Rudy discusses how she approaches and races Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Chattanooga, TN where she also met two of her Ironman heros – Dave Scott and Mark Allen (she discusses her love of their book IronWar in episode #2).

Rudy shares a story of registering for Lake Placid and soon after meeting Ironman CEO Andrew Messick, by chance, on a flight to Florida where she earned the
name Lucky Rudy by Andrew himself.

A believer in manifestation, Rudy tells us how she wrote an ad to become a World Championship qualifier. Hear how she did it and how that act set her up for success.

Jill issues a challenge for all the listeners to use this approach for manifesting something in your life.

Other topics: The Ironman tattoo – what does it represent and will she get one?  People who Rudy will be honoring during her race build up and on race day – all who have been supporting her in big and small ways and a very special reach out to Lisa and Nick (who has contracted West Nile Virus).

This will likely be the last interview of Rudy’s Road to Kona prior to her race but it is possible that she will surprise us with a quick check-in via phone the week of the race.  However, there will certainly be another interview after her race where we will hear, in detail, her Kona experience.

Song: Life Means So Much – Chris Rice