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April 6 - April 12, 2019

It's time to quiet the noise and give yourself FULL ON permission to reclaim your Exceptional YOU! through adventure, purpose and play elevated by the camaraderie and support of like-minded women.

Exceptional YOU!


This 6 day/6 night women's adventure retreat is packed with Exceptional YOU! insight coaching, biking, hiking, beachfront yoga, charming villages, ocean-side sunsets, wine tour/luncheon and the opportunity to retreat into yourself. 

Adventure away from multi-tasking and overwhelm to a welcoming journey where you are invited, encouraged and supported to ignite the Exceptional YOU! within, absent of apology. 

This is a great time to say YES to living a life filled with COURAGE, ADVENTURE and JOY!

Exceptional YOU! Insight Coaching 



Beachfront Yoga

Winery Tour and Luncheon

Mallorca is a unique island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Its combination of rolling mouintains AND ocean provides a variety of biking which will fit your interests whether you like to ride flat terrain, roly-poly hills or challenge yourself on long, tough grinders. The roads are butter-smooth and the island is extremely bike friendly as cycling is one of their greatest tourism attractions.

Expansion Through Adventure

Creating a life of expansion and joy from an empty vessel is stressful and nearly impossible. During the retreat you will be calibrating your nervous system to a new level of EXCEPTIONAL through insight coaching, activities and adventures. As you release your "not good enough'isms" and make space for new thought and new action more joy, more passion and a whole lot more YES's to expansive living becomes the new norm.

Exceptional YOU! Coaching

" Prior to working with Jill, my life was on the fast track to burnout and complacency. After spending the last 3 years working with Jill as a private client and in the workshop setting, my life is on the fast track to expansion and fun. Her knowledge, skill, intuition and compassion have helped me overcome a lot of limiting stories and beliefs. Her ability to inspire and motivate have helped me create new stories that have me living a life I love. I can honestly say that I am living the “exceptional you” experience. I have also learned that combining the self work that paves the way for life expansion with the physical activity and beautiful scenery is quite powerful, as is creating within the group setting with other women all supporting one another. This retreat is a chance for powerful and life changing momentum and I can’t recommend it enough! "


"I have completely changed the way I think and the way I do things in my life. I never expected to gain this level of insight from coaching but Jill surprised me with the depth and the width of her abilities. I have tried for a long time to fit into what "everyone" else says I should be doing in my life which never felt like a fit. Now, I am able to see I have my own unique joys and interests. When I listen to this calling I am at my best which benefits not only myself but everyone around me."


"When I heard that Jill is leading an adventure retreat I hopped on board immediately. The opportunity to experience Jill's coaching for 6 days in a row while combining the adventures I love the most - biking, hiking and beaching - it was a no brainer. I am very excited for this adventure to travel with like-minded ladies, challenging myself inside and out. When do we start?" 


About Jill

Jill Sommers, MA is the coach who helps exceptional people achieve outrageous success. She has devoted more than three decades to studying movement, psychology, the sport of triathlon, and the art of Gestalt coaching (mindfully connecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of the Self).  

Her personal journey proves to be the greatest teacher for continued life expansion, building greater joy and grounding in life. As a Performance Coach, Jill has worked with clients throughout the United States and Europe of all ages and goals. The common thread that runs through them all is the desire to feel less constriction, experience greater joy and release the limited mindset that holds them back.

Jill's greatest desire is to coach her clients via adventure and activty because when they "get it" in their body by getting out of their head, they create sustainable change in their lives leading to unlimited confidence and bad-ass results.

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