Reflection and Insight with Triathlon Legends Sally Edwards and Lauren Jensen

Today Jill interviews two inspirational forces of change in the world of triathlon and beyond. Both ladies have changed the lives of men and women all over the world by educating, coaching and motivating people to be more in their sport AND in their lives.

Sally Edwards is the owner of Heart Zones Training and is also the author of more than 20 books, covering topics that include triathlon training, running for women, and heart zones training.

She is a triathlon legend who was competing in triathlons before most people ever heard of the sport and is also the founder of Fleet Feet, an athletic shoe store in the 1970’s. At this time women were not business owners and Sally discusses her experience of striving for success in the male dominated world of business.

This year Sally celebrates her 70 th birthday by hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (after having a full knee replacement one year ago); cycling across states; and expanding her Heart Zones company to China.

Lauren Jensen is the owner of Trifaster Triathlon training where she coaches her athletes to be the best version of themselves. A former professional triathlete and physical therapist,  Lauren brings a tremendous amount of education, experience and heart to the field of triathlon coaching.

While competing in triathlon Sally and Lauren both found strength, commitment, focus and belief in themselves which provided a strong foundation for success in their business and personal lives.

Gender equity in sport, being thought leaders, and having the willingness to take risk are some of the topics discussed throughout this interview. Sally and Lauren share their heartfelt insights, thoughtful discussions, and authentic humor as they share their thoughts on a wide variety of topics.

“I think we should let our insides out even more.”

~Sally Edwards