Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Part 2

Rudy’s Road to Kona Series: Part 2

This 4-month series is dedicated to following Rudy’s journey as she is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually preparing for the monumental challenge of competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

A challenge of this magnitude requires great strength, commitment, sacrifice and smarts which tests the best of the best in the world of endurance sport.

Throughout this series we promise to bring you the real story, not just the fluffy “everything is great” part of her journey, but also the vulnerable, authentic and insightful aspects of her preparation, her race and her post-race experiences.

Rudy’s approach to training and racing combines a refreshing blend of – mindfulness, reflection, mental skills and true, hard-ass grit.

Part 2:

In part 2 we find out which Queen song lights up Rudy for her training and racing and why the date of this year’s World Championship is of special importance to Rudy – hint, hint – Dave Scott and Mark Allen.

We learn about crickets, self-imposed ceilings, the ceilings Rudy has imposed upon herself over the years and how she is breaking through those ceilings.

Listen to the end to hear what Rudy’s “thorn/bud/rose” are at this time in her training.

Book: IronWar, Matt Fitzgerald

Song: Queen Don’t Stop Me Now